HypnoBirthing - What Do Hypnobirthing Sessions Offer You ?

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What Do Hypnobirthing Sessions Offer You ?
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What Do HypnoBirthing Sessions Offer You?
  • A method that eliminates the fear of birthing.
  • The confidence that comes with understanding how your birthing body is designed to work.
  • Understanding how your body and your baby instinctively work together, before and during birthing.
  • How to utilise your mind-body connection.
  • The ability to approach each step of the birth with assistance rather than resistance.
  • Instructions in methods of relaxation, use of natural anaesthesia and specific breathing techniques to assist during birth.
  • Techniques for relieving fatigue and maintaining a positive mood throughout the birth.
  • Instructions for your birthing companion in how to help you to achieve and maintain relaxation and focus.
  • Suggestions for creating an ideal atmosphere for bonding with your baby before, during and after the birth.
  • Toning exercises to make the muscles used in birthing more flexible.
  • An overview of the history of birthing and how religious, historical and cultural events caused birthing to become a much-feared experience.