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I began undergoing HynoFertility with Julie after several unsuccessful IVF attempts and a natural pregnancy that had ended with a miscarriage. My husband and I were undertaking the Jocelyn Centre's natural fertility program and I wanted to try and heal my emotional health at the same time.

Julie was so compassionate and understanding that I immediately felt comfortable with her. She firstly helped me to acknowledge and deal with the grief from my miscarriage that I was carrying with me and then taught me how to relax and to use visualisation every day as I began to change the way that I emotionally approached my fertility treatment. The techniques that Julie taught me were a great comfort to me and I used them as part of my preparations leading up to and during further IVF cycles.

My husband and I were overjoyed to welcome our dear baby Olivia into our lives in January. Olivia is happy and healthy and so loved.

I will never forget the important role that Julie played in our fertility journey and I would not hesitate to recommend HynoFertility and Julie to other couples who are struggling with fertility issues.

Julie & Ian, Nth. Ryde, Sydney

I saw Julie before I started trying for our first child. I wanted children but not only was I terrified of giving birth, I felt very uncomfortable with the idea of having a baby growing inside of me. After two sessions I felt completely relaxed, open and ready. I had been on the pill for 10 years so I prepared myself for at least 6-12 months of trying. To our absolute delight I fell pregnant in two months. I had a wonderful pregnancy and gave birth to a gorgeous boy. 

Now three years later my husband and I decided it was time again for number 2. After two goes and no avail I went to see Julie and that weekend we conceived.  I honestly believe that Julie played an important and vital role in my success in both my pregnancies. She is our miracle worker.

Danielle & Mike Kirribilli, Sydney.

After falling pregnant rather quickly and then suffering a devastating miscarriage at 12 weeks, my husband and I tried unsuccessfully to conceive again for some months afterwards. I sought Julie's help using the hypnofertility techniques. Julie really helped me with eliminating the negative feelings and thoughts I had surrounding the miscarriage and taught me some wonderful visualisation and relaxation techniques.

Less than two months after seeing Julie, my husband and I found out we were pregnant again. I am now 32 weeks pregnant  I truly believe if it weren't for Julie's help, we wouldn't be where we are today.
Kirsty & Chris Rose Bay, Sydney.

I first started seeing Julie when I was trying to conceive my first child. A girlfriend who had seen Julie for Hypnobirthing recommended that I see her in regards to Hypnofertility to assist me to fall. I had been trying to fall pregnant for close to a year with no success. After 2 sessions with Julie, I was pregnant. She gave me the belief that I could do it, my body could do it and therefore it was going to happen and of course it did. So once this occurred, there was no doubt in my mind that I would see Julie again for preparation for my birth.

My husband was a little sceptical to start off with, however, by the end of the first session, he felt very comfortable with what we were going to be doing and believed that it was going to work. The sessions that we had with Julie were informative, relaxing and reassuring. They provided me with the tools and belief that I could give birth with no pain relief and in a relaxing environment. In addition to this, Julie provided me with information to give my obstetrician and midwives so they would be aware of the birth that I would like to have.

The sessions with Julie also allowed my husband to be actively involved in the birth and he was able to assist me in focusing throughout the entire labour. This was a great asset and one that assisted me very well.

Although having never had a child before, it was very clear to me the change to transition and when I needed to change my breath. In fact, the midwives didn't believe me when I told them that I was at the next stage. My son arrived into this world in a calm, drug-free environment and I felt on top of the world. He was calm and didn't cry and was just so relaxed and has continued like that to this day. Do I believe that this has to do with the Hypnobirthing? Most definitely! As I was calm, he was calm and childbirth was a brilliant, happy and rewarding experience.

I have just found out I am pregnant again so I need to look at booking in for some refresher classes closer to the time.

Olivia & Andrew


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