Hypnotherapy - Can I be hypnotised?

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Can I be hypnotised?
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Can I be hypnotised?

Contrary to popular belief, almost everybody is susceptible to hypnosis. Indeed, the more intelligent the person, the better he or she responds. By and large it's easier to hypnotise a willing subject but sceptical or unwilling people can be hypnotised, albeit with greater difficulty. People whose minds are very active and questioning tend to take longer, too. Good hypnotic subjects usually perceive themselves as co-operative, capable of inward concentration and do not resist transferring from one spatial orientation to another.

People often ask how they can tell whether they'd be a good subject or not. Ask yourself if you can get lost easily in a book or T.V. programme, or if you have set out to drive somewhere and suddenly realised you have arrived but can't remember driving the last block or so. If the answer is 'yes' to either of these examples, then you will be good subject.

We are moving into an era of medicine in which patients and some medical practitioners are becoming disenchanted with many drug treatments which don't necessarily cure yet may produce unpleasant side-effects. For a host of psychological and physical abnormalities, hypnotherapy offers a safe, quick and acceptable cure. After a poor start, and a chequered history, hypnosis is undoubtedly here to stay.