Hypnotherapy - Are you hypnotisable?

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Are you hypnotisable?

Are you hypnotisable? Can you relate to any of the following naturally-occurring hypnotic experiences? 

1. Have you ever been in a room full of people, supposedly taking part in the group yet mentally being far away from it?

2. Have you ever been unsure whether you did something or just thought about having to do it (e.g. not knowing whether you either mailed a certain letter or just thought about mailing it)?

3. Have you ever been able to block out sounds from your mind so that they:

  • were no longer important to you? 
  • seemed very far away? 
  • you no longer understood them?
  • you did not hear them at all?

4. Have you ever been so lost in thought that you did not understand what people said to you, even when they were talking directly to you and even when you nodded in agreement?

5.  Have you ever been staring off into space, actually thinking of nothing and hardly been aware of the passage of time?

6.  Have you ever had the experience of recollecting a past experience in your life with such clarity and vitality that it was either almost like living it again or actually seemed identical with living it again?

7.  Have you ever been able to shut out your surroundings from your mind by concentrating very hard on something else?

8.  Have you ever had the experience of reading a novel (or watching a play) and, while doing so, actually forget yourself, your surroundings, and live the story with such great reality and vividness that it either became temporarily almost reality for you or actually seemed to become reality to you?

9.  Have you ever been lulled into a groggy state or put to sleep by a lecture or a concert, even though you were not otherwise fatigued or tired?

10.  Have you ever wandered off in your own thoughts while doing a routine task so that you actually forgot you were doing the task and then found, a few minutes later, that you had completed it without even being aware that you were doing it?

If you can answer eyes to any of these questions, then you should find the hypnosis experience both enjoyable and rewarding.


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